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Gifts for the holidays and New Year

Want to make a gift and do not know which is the best gift? Sell items on our online store light in the dark. Proposed new Articles 8 o’clock continuous light without the need to be electrically charged, only in daylight or artificial light at least 20 – 35 minutes. Gift items – dual panels view – paintings that illuminate both day and night, light items for children’s rooms, decorative items for home and garden, DIY light items, items for garden lights, signs, items for discos or other special services. On the site you can find items for women, men, children, sports, articles for everyone, of all sizes and at different prices, ranging from tens to thousands lei lei, depending on product size and the amount of polymer contained . Make a special gift during the holidays and especially during the Christmas and New Year approaching ! phone  +40723.625.247 english romanian french – understand italian and spanish 

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