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Danube Delta Horses, donate

Donate online to help, the symbol of freedom, help the horses from Danube Delta

Right now the remaining Danube Delta horses are on a roadside,coverd in blood, broken legs and are going through sheer hell. Vets are arriving at the scene and urgent care is needed. This costs money. Also we have 20 days to raise enough money to buy these horses or they will goto the slaughter house.”

Danube Delta Horses – Donate

Movie horses and Danube Delta. Horses, the symbol of freedom !

Să vedem ce zic americanii despre cai

The Mustang Horse, “Free Spirit of the Southwest”

Îmi pare rău… uitasem că noi nu ne raportăm la ei… sau la germani. Ne raportăm doar cu vorba.

Ce zice wikipedia despre mustang. Vestitul Mustang a fost adus de spanioli in America… deci era un cal domestic, a ajuns un cal salbatic. Vai , dar cum se poate asta ? Ia uite domnule, se poate ca un cal domestic sa ajunga cal salbatic, protejat de legile americane… Nu mai spune!

Mustang (horse) articol pe wikipedia in limba engleza.


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